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Addressing the Gap

Our first step in addressing this “Gap” was the birth of Gallacher’s subsidiary asset manager, Gallacher Equity Management (GEM). GEM was conceived to recenter this balance between advisor and client.

From OCIO Services to Portfolio Management Strategies
GEM advocates for versatile solutions spanning public and private markets, demonstrating resilience even in tumultuous periods. Liquid stock strategies in combination with alternative investment management, make for high-caliber, diversified portfolios.

  • Amplifies and Safeguards Client Wealth
  • Benchmark Outperformance
  • Bespoke Strategies
  • Direct Indexing
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Below-average Expense Ratios, aka: Asset Management Fees
    • (now paid to the advisor – proper incentivization)
  • Advisor-Client Full Transparency
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