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In total, a similar package comes out to be roughly 26-28 bps/year for an advisor. This is not inclusive of their E&O and technology costs such as Orion. Should you include these costs, their “platform” costs would come in at 30-32 bps/year.

  • Back Office Support and Compliance are usually 14% of revenue.
  • Trade Execution/Portfolio Consulting – 12bps/year
  • Beyond simple trade execution, other offerings provide more in-depth investment services (direct indexing, bond ladders, custom SMAs) at costs of .30-.50%.

Our standard platform fee (includes all these services and more) comes in at less than half for comparable services (~25bps/year). And through continuity and succession assistance, GAP ensures advisors reap the benefits of their labors for years to come.

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In total, other third party vendors would charge around .80% for back office, admin & investment management. Our default pricing comes in at half and can be lifted by the client because they have already foregone third party manager expense ratios (already coming out ahead).

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