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In response to increasing demands for services, advisors are stretched thin to meet expectations.

Client Centered

Realizing the Gap


In reflecting on your years of advisory experience, we have identified key industry trends, (or gaps) overlooking and impacting advisors significantly…

  1. Fee Compression and Expanded Services:
    •  While there is a welcomed shift towards reducing client fees, it is accompanied by an expansion in advisory services. Unfortunately, this has not been met with commensurate compensation.
  2. Disproportionate Effort and Reward:
    • Despite advisors shouldering much of this expanded role, larger financial institutions continue to benefit more significantly through exorbitant expense ratios.
    • Advisors dedicate this immense effort, to see substantial fees channeled to mutual fund/ETF companies on top of rising costs to just run a business. Advisors are effectively subsidizing these larger entities without seeing a proportional ease in their workload or added value to their clients.

The Gallacher platform enables advisors to:

Receive support
in all day-to-day

Offload investment
and back office

Be independent,
focus on growth &

A drive to build a better future for your business.

Whatever it is that has brought you here, our unique advisory platform will help you enjoy the fruits of your labor for many years to come. Create a comprehensive succession plan that works for you.

Our staff is nimble and experienced, having serviced our own RIA clients for the past several years. Each of our dedicated employees are well-versed in custodian transitions, client-facing conflict resolution, estate issues, and other pain points and can assist with their vast wealth of experience. Our out-of-office support allows you feel comfortable in taking vacations or time away from the office as we take over the phones, monitor client communication, and other pressing needs.

Take the first step towards getting your time back